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KP115 - KP Air Disc Cushion teens/adults

Product Description


The classic cushion for posture now available for teenagers and adults!  The Kit Planete air cushion:

- Promotes optimal sitting posture on a chair

- When used to sit on the floor, helps develop balance and gross motor skills

- Responds to the need to move and helps increase focus and attention

The Kit Planete inflatable dynamic cushion that activates intrinsic trunk muscles to encourage active sitting and support of the spine. It can be used by teenagers or adults in class on regular chairs or floor and allows for movement in all direction with a bumpy surface offering light sensory input.  Made of heavy duty, the Air Disc is easy to wash, very resistant yet does not slip on chair or floor (anti-skid surface).  With a 37cm (15inch) diameter, this cushion fits perfectly to standard high school chairs.  

Recommended use and warnings

-  Adjust inflation as needed and tolerated by the person: less inflated for maximal stability and inflated to half the disc when movement is needed

- Use the Air Disc  for periods up to a maximum of twenty (20) consecutive minutes to prevent muscular fatigue

- Recommended for 12 years +

- No contact with sharp objects

- In you are unsure of how/why use this cushion, consult a professional to make sure this product is right

- Care: Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild soap

Pump included 




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