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Our Mission

Helping children conquer their world

...every child, every situation,  every challenge...

Whether at home, daycare or throughout school, children play, learn, socialize, entertain and relax.  Some of those moments will require adjustments and specific materiel to tackle challenges may they be large or small.

We wanted to regroup adapted products that are both appealing, sturdy and provide children tools that help them reach their full potential.  We pride ourselves in making available great therapeutic material to children ranging from 0 to 18 years old, parents, teachers and educators.  We also provide detailed factsheets to support the use of each product.  We wish to empower parents and help them develop confidence in their abilities. 

In order to make your experience more enjoyable and your purchase process easier, we have regrouped products in kits that target specific needs.  We also help you in your selection of specific material designed to modify or adapt your environment as well as your child's.

We make no compromise on the quality and we spare no effort in offering you the best.

We are a passionate team who would love to hear your ideas!  Client satisfaction is paramount to us.

We hope you enjoy the experience!