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What's the logo about?


What does our logo mean?  We wanted to share the values and beliefs that inspired this adventure.

In our logo, the child is the prime interest.  He is ready for action, ready to take on daily life challenges.  He aspires to go higher and further while remaining balanced.  He is willing to hop on a journey, ready to discover life and new adventures.  He will be confronted to changes but is ready to take them on!

His backpack represents his toolbox.  It is also a treasure chest in which he will safely keep his new tools acquired along the way.  

The planet embodies his entourage (family members, relatives, friends) as well as his environment (daycare, school, home, community).  He is prepared to discover the big world being full of confidence in his abilities.  The earth also represents our roots as well as our environment, both of which we must take great care of.  

The colours were purposely chosen to reflect our company values and views.  Blue refers to wisdom and awakening.  Orange represents the vitality and energy of the child. Green symbolises hope, renewal and environmental responsibility all of which are important to us.