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Kit Planete and the environment





  • We offer, as often as possible, locally purchased products in order to reduce transport-related costs. We also try to group and maximize purchases we do with our suppliers in order to reduce the number of deliveries required.
  • We do our best to avoid over-wrapping our products. We ask of you to join our effort by accepting to receive your products wrapped in a minimum of packaging material and in the smallest boxes and packages possible.
  • In order to reduce the use of paper, we communicate by email with our customers and our suppliers as often as possible. Moreover, we print solely the documents that are necessary to our company operations and we strongly favour the use of electronic archives.
  • Our promotional merchandising is designed to be useful, long lasting and with the least environmental impact.
  • Our advertising is mostly done online.
  • We favour products that can run without batteries.
  • We take upon us to deliver our products to customers residing in our neighbourhood or in the axis of our travels.



  • We will eventually offer you the possibility to give a second life to the objects you purchased by offering a re-sell service between parents. We will also provide parents with a drop-off point for their various objects during seminars and exhibitions.



  • We use packing materials that are 100% recyclable.
  • In our warehouse, we recycle boxes and packing we receive.



  • Our choices are made according to the overall usefulness and sturdiness of the products, even if sometimes they may be a bit pricier.
  • We also encourage teleworking in order to limit one's travel between the warehouse and one’s home.
  • We also do our best to offer our employees favourable working conditions to reach a family-work balance.


To care for our planet and to change the ways we consume is to care for our children's children and it shows our desire to offer them a greener healthier world.