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46ET079 - Surf Chair

Product Description

This light on-the-go writing tablet made of polypropylene ensures a stable surface for books or notebooks while the child is in seated position. Both a seat and a surface, the Surf lets you work comfortably in your classroom chair, or on the floor with friends.  Clean unit with a damp cloth or songe using warm water and mild swap.  Wipe dry.  Do not use abrasive cleaners, bleach, chemical solvants and strong detergents. chaise

Dimensions:  24.00" x 14.20" x 11.00"
Dimensions of upper surface: 36cm X 26cm

For children aged 6 years and over, suitable for children, teenagers and adults

**Because the Surf does not offer lumbar support, make sure that the child remains in a stable sitting position when using the surf without excessive flexion of the back or neck**

**As with most postural tools for flexible seating, It is generally recommended to use the Surf for periods of no more than 20 consecutive minutes to prevent muscular fatigue** 

**Please clear all objects of the top surface when you stand because the Surf will tilt**

**Use only as intented.  Do not attempt to stand or kneel on item**

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