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KP104 - KP Stool Chair

Product Description


The Kit Planète stool is the perfect solution to respond to children's need to move at home, school or daycare!  This lightweight, easy clean, versatile stool is like no other. With its rocking side to side base and comfortable seat, this stool is stable yet offers regular circular movement. A variety of sizes to suit everyone from kids to grown ups.  Perfect for flexible seating settings.  Does not scratch or mark floors, remains silent.

Available in 4 sizes and colors

31cm / 12 inches  $78.95

38cm /15 inches  $88.95

45cm / 18 inches  $93.95

51cm / 20 inches  $104.95

**It is generally recommended to use posture aids such as the KP stool for periods of no more than 20 consecutive minutes to prevent muscular fatigue**

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