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86AU009 - Samuel at the beach sign cards

Product Description

 Whether you have a neurotypical child or a communication problem, regardless of age and nationality, everyone can understand easily with simplified sign language!

Samuel at the Beach Box contains a total of 100 sign cards that you can use to teach basic sign language to children.  They are colorful and very attractive. Their dimension is 3.5″ x 5.75″. They have a laminated finish for durability.

The sign cards are divided into 4 boxes as follows:

  • The theme cards Samuel at the Beach, the blue pack, contains 25 cards with these words : Help, Friends, Tree, Bravo, Beach, Music, Hat, Run, Dance, Sand, Outside, Star, Slide, Play, Moon, Walk, Sea, Swim, Bird, Come, Rain, Fish, Jump, Sun, Video.
  • The signs cards pack No 1, green, contains 25 cards with these words: Love, Sit, Rock, Booboo, Drink, Hug, Diaper, Give, Sleep, Water, Again, Hungry, Tired, Cold, Dress, Juice, Milk, Wash, Eat, Plush, Cry, Stroller, Take, Pacifier, End.
  • The signs cards pack No 2, yellow, contains 25 cards with these words words: Wait, Gently, Yes, Banana, A lot, Beef, Cereal, Hot, Happy, Funny, Remove, Angry, Close, Brother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother, No, Father, Small, Fear, Apple, Chicken, Look, Sister.
  • The signs cards pack No 3, red, contains 25 cards with these words: After, Tie, Hide, Cat, Dog, Pig, Cut, Draw, Hear, Nice, Tall, Big, Throw, Book, Heavy, Light, House, Thank you, Open, Talk, Paint, Signs, Phone, Car, Fly.

Consult www.samuelsignes.com for more information on this product, content of the cards, sign language and applications for App Store and Google Play related to this kit

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