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05MG064 - Wonder Bike

Product Description
This exciting new product from Hape is the perfect first foot powered vehicle for the fantastic little girl or boy in your life! your child will begin to learn the basic skills of riding a bike while at the same time they can feel confident cruising around the living room, hallways, back yard, and street!
Perfectly suited for short rides to the park or exploring the world right around them, the balance wonder bike from Hape gives your child the confidence they need to ride a bike through building their balance skills without the training wheels. Seat can be easily adjusted to a child's individual height giving it a comfortable edge. Once they feel comfortable walking with the bike and balancing, the bike is able to grow with as they begin to coast and steer on their own. Made primarily of wood, along with BPA free tires and accessories. Hape toys are creatively designed and eco-friendly. All products have met, and more often, exceed the strictest international standards for quality and safety.
For ages 3 and over
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