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KPWB01 - Kit Water Beads

Product Description

Great sensory fun in this new and amazing kit!  You will love the texture of these beads that simply need to be filled with water to create an amazing sensory environment.  Added to the kit are animals and a pincer to work on fine motor skills. For children 4 years +

Water balls are tiny and round and come in a pack of 10g. They are made of polyacrylamide which is commonly known as a superabsorbent polymer. It has the ability to absorb as much as 200 to 300 times its mass in water. 

Over time water balls shrink, to re-hydrate all you need to do is add more water. If you don’t add water they will shrink back to their original size, they will re-hydrate if you add water. Water Beads come in a variety of vibrant colours and sizes, water beads are 100% colourfast, odourless, non-toxic (child & pet friendly) and environmentally friendly (biodegradable). Water Beads can be used over and over again, just add water to re-hydrate.


Place the beads in a low plastic container, ideally with a cover.  Add 9 coups of cold water to the beads. Leave balls to hydrate approximately 4 - 6 hours. When beads are hydrated drain off excess water using a colander/strainer. Water balls are now ready to use, ENJOY!

WARNING: Caution with young children - water balls are safe & non-toxic - BUT can be a CHOKING hazard.  Use under adult supervision at all times. DO NOT put water beads down plumbing (drain/toilet). Keep water beads out of direct sunlight.

One 10 g pack makes approx. 4 cups (1-litre) when hydrated.

Kit includes: 3 packs of water balls, 2 pincers and pack of animals.


Billes, bille, eau, bille d'eau, billes d'eau