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KPKITSSM - A Sensory Space Home Kit

Product Description

Ready made sensory spaces created by our occupational therapists!  All you need for sensory needs: visual stimulation, tactile effects, movement and deep pressure for a calming, soothing effect.  Available in 5 different kits, depending on your individual needs!

Additional Shipping fees can be charged, please call us for more information on your sensory space

Is included in the HOME KIT : Two Color Bean Bag, 1 Tangle Therapy, 1 Hand Massager, 1 Sensory Bubble Tube Lamp, 1 Kaleidoscope, 1 Small Fiber Optic, 1 Stretchy Dog, 1 Slim Timer, 1 Rex, 1 Boinks with marble

This complete kit offers small and large items, easy to install at home, offering a wide range of proprioceptive, visual and tactile stimulation.


 Espace sensoriel salle sensorielle Snoezelen lampe bulle cube projecteur